Vitamins for Erectile Dysfunction Offered by Canadian Health&Care Mall

For the men seeking to raise sexual opportunities it is recommended to eat various food some which nutrients are necessary for this purpose. Canadian Health&Care Mall points out that it may considerably increase the erection if you order vitamins produced and sold by our online pharmacy.


The main thing of minerals for all men without exception is zinc which represents construction material for testosterone, that is without its participation in formation of this hormone molecules is impossible. Zinc is necessary for potentiality improvement, it is also irreplaceable as preventive “means” against prostatitis. This microcell increases mobility of spermatozoa for several times that well influences reproductive function of man’s organism. Zinc contains in fish (perch, trout, herring, saury, salmon), wheat bran, oysters and shrimps, garlic, nuts, egg yolk, squids and anchovies.

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Selenium is also irreplaceable for potency increase as this mineral takes active part in biosynthesis of testosterone and improves functioning of male genitals. This substance makes favorable impact on reproductive functions and is irreplaceable for treatment of infertility or carrying out prevention as improves quality of sperm. Selenium contains in garlic, egg, seafood (fish, squids, shrimps), rye bread, corn and tomatoes.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C not only improves a condition of immune system and increases elasticity of vessels, but also stimulates blood circulation that exerts positively impact on “food” of genitals at men. It is irreplaceable for prevention of prostatitis and increase of testosterone level. Vitamin C in a large number contains in cabbage, citrus, green onions, parsley and carrots. Moreover you may purchase vitamin C via Canadian Health&Care Mall to improve your general condition as well as potency.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E for potency is irreplaceable as it increases blood inflow to genitals. In addition this vitamin updates cells of organism and acts as antioxidant. It contains in vegetable oil (sunflower, corn, olive), egg yolk, celery and green onions.

Elements of group B

These elements promote increase of male sex hormone synthesis, protect liver, restore energy. They favorably influencing potency, take active part in implementation of 15000 biochemical processes in male organism. Vitamins of group B contain in dairy products (milk, cheese, cottage cheese), nuts, carrots and fish.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D for potency is necessary for men, especially during the winter period as in a cold season its shortcoming is observed. It influences testosterone production and stimulates sexual inclination. This element contains in quail and egg, cheese, cottage cheese, milk, butter and cod-liver oil.