When Do You Need Antibiotics Canadian Healthcare Medication?

Bacterial diseases are caused by pathogenic bacteria. Millions of bacteria live in the body or outside the body of human beings and a bigger number are not harmful. Some bacteria are actually needed for good health. The harmful strains replicate faster when they get into the body and crowd out the good bacteria. The result is always infections. Infections caused by these bacteria are treated using antibiotics.

Antibiotics canadian healthcare https://canadianhealthncaremall.com/what-antibiotics-could-help-for-cold.html medications are very effective in treating bacterial infections. Over the years, many people have overused antibiotics which has led to the problem of certain strains of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. Resistant strains of pathogenic bacteria usually cause diseases that are harder to treat and very expensive to find proper medication for.

Infections that are resistant to antibiotics can strike any person and can be passed on to generations. For instance, many healthy young individuals get skin infections from a bacteria called MRSA which is resistant to many common antibiotics. MRSA spreads commonly in households, schools, camps, daycare, gym and military among other place.

Bacterial diseases

To prevent misuse of antibiotics canada healthcare medications, it is important to know when antibiotics are needed so as to prevent the problem of resistant bacteria.

  1. Respiratory infectionsThese include infections such as sore throat, coughs and runny nose. The problem that arise in this category of bacterial diseases is using antibiotics even on infections that do not need them such as:

    • Colds and flu among other respiratory diseases are caused by viruses, which cannot be killed by antibiotics.
    • Bronchitis is caused by an irritant such as cigarette smoke in the air or a virus. It therefore doesn’t need antibiotics.
  2. Sinus infectionsSinusitis infections are mostly caused by virus. The symptoms may include feeling of being stuffed-up, painful face and a runny nose. Some sinus infections are also caused by a bacteria and should therefore be treated using antibiotics. It’s important to establish with a doctor first the type of sinus infection one is suffering from before buying antibiotics.
  3. Ear infectionsEar infectionsEar infections are most commonly caused by bacteria. Under this case, antibiotics can be used to treat the infection. Oral antibiotics should be used under the case where the infection spreads far beyond the ear.
  4. Eye infectionsA common eye infection known as Pinkeye is caused by a virus or sometimes an allergy hence an antibiotic is not needed. As for eye infections that are related to bacteria, antibiotics should be considered with advice from a doctor.
  5. Urinary tract infectionIn a number of urine tests done on older people, a couple of bacteria are often detected even when they do not have UTI. Under such an instance, antibiotics are not needed. Antibiotics should only be considered when a person has been diagnosed with UTI symptoms such as burning feeling when urinating.
  6. Skin infectionsSkin infection such as eczema results to a dry and red skin that is itchy. Antibiotics can be administered to control the infection, however, the medication does not get rid of the redness of the skin. If interested in removing the redness, antibiotics should not be used.

Responsible use of antibiotics canadian healthcare is the best way to prevent development of resistant strains of bacteria. A patient should complete their dosage as prescribed.

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