Morag Currin - FounderMorag Currin, LE, CMLT
Founder, International Director and Trainer

Being a South Africa native, Morag possessed her own skincare clinic and is certified in many spa methodics. She is licensed in aesthetics in British Columbia and currently designs coaching  periodicals and fosters aesthetic coachings on skin care goods globally. She grounded Touch for Cancer, which is exactly prosperous and is utilized by both cancer patients and spa therapists.

Morag is wedded to his work about two points: the first is exchanging her love of aesthetic dermatology.

“I’m the happiest when performing with aestheticians (estheticians) who are outcomes directed and who at the moment possess a passion for assisting people to render a decision to skin care. To tell you the truth, I guess I was place on this earth to ‘pure’ people.   Aesthetics, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically is clearing in more ways than one.”

Her second appetence? Animals. When she’s out of office performing with customers or coaching aestheticians (estheticians), you can search her at a nearby firm, riding her horse or playing with her cats. One cat notably personified both interests. Marmalade, Morag’s cat, became sick with leukemia and resembled how this disease joins man and animal. Marmalade desired to be touched and admired until the very end.

“Aestheticians (Estheticians) and anyone selecting to operate with (a) customers(s)/patient(s) meeting with cancer demand to not be brought back or afraid to keep in touch with a person or animal battling with cancer,” she says.

Morag is certified in Reflexology, Meridian Therapy and the 5 Elements, Aromatherapy, Advanced Aesthetics, Nail Technology, Massage Therapy, Electrolysis, Medical Laser Technician, Oncology Massage Therapy, Advanced Skin Analysis and Cosmetic Chemistry. She is an expert in the field of cancer-specific Aesthetics/Dermatology.

Roxanne ParkerRoxanne Parker, RN, BSN, MSN
International Director, Trainer

Roxanne is at the present moment performing as a Registered Nurse in Phoenix Arizona, as an Oncology/Bone Marrow Transplant Nurse. She obtained her Bachelors Science in Nursing at California State University, Chico, and her Masters Science in Nursing at Grand Canyon University.

Among other prizes, being in school, she accepted the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Region prize for nursing as a second profession. Her inducement for Oncology nursing appered from her sister-in-law, also a nurse, after being established a diagnosis with metastatic breast cancer that involved over eighty percent of her bone. “I looked at my dear friend progression through her disease and was animated by her spirit and disinterested love and recognizance to life. Because of her, I decided to assisting others and feel the way of an Oncology nurse selected me, not the other way round.”