Our program outline is as follows:

Level I

  • Cancer Overview
  • Cancer Therapies
  • Immunology
  • Integumentary System
  • Online testing – Pre-requisite for Level II

Level II

  • Skin Cancer
  • Lymphatic System
  • Oncology Massage – Aesthetics/Beauty Therapy
  • Aesthetics/Beauty Therapy and Cancer
  • Sanitation – Infection Control
  • Skin Physiology
  • Skin Care Products – Ingredients
  • Cancer Drugs – Skin Reactions
  • 24 classroom hours of hands on & testing – Pre-requisite for Level III

Level III

  • Hands on – to be announced.

Touch for Cancer is at the present moment investigation transforming this coacing suitable for going on education credits. If you are engaged with going on education credits, please send us an email:

At the present moment our coachings are at our areas in Canada and the United States. We are broading to Latin America, India, United Kingdom, Denmark and the rest of Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong.