Our society of spirit greets all cancer survivors who are desirable to exchange ‘their story with cancer’ during their time with our visitors during our Clinical Oncology Esthetics® (COE). Each cancer survivor is the best provider of information we can possess on their own, personal situation.

One of the greatest profit to all visiting cancer survivors – you will have the uninterrupted remark of estheticians who will supply you with a listening ear, who are desiring to know everything about your story with cancer and your side effects, so they can conclude into their practice and supply all cancer patients with a secure, therapeutic spa curing.

The psychological profit of hpossessing a few hours away from their daily world to receive a few hours of ‘touch therapy’ is bestowing and relieving. These spa curings operated by licensed estheticians are additional and no price is got involved other than your time.

If you are engaged in taking part into area where we conduct our coachings, please send an email to us at We will follow up with you contemplation of your interest and contribution.