Linda Lopez, LE. “This blog is about my trip into the world of Oncology Esthetics. It’s a considerably new sphere and up until lately we were skilled not to finger people with cancer for anxiety of causing damage. This is no longer correct and with the valid background and experience cancer patients can wonderfully profit from taling care of/healing touch. My objection is to educate and then inform others about this perfect new sphere of esthetics.”

Cancer and Careers supplies an innovative website and free posts in English and Spanish as well as a raw of maintenance groups and educational workouts for employees with cancer, their employers, coworkers and caregivers.

Toni Muirhead, LMT is a elected Massage Therapist who started a modern care program which suggests cancer patients free massage while cancer therapies carrying out. Toni’s free website is devoted to teaching patients and healthcare providers about the secure practices of oncology massage; pre, during and after treatment for cancer.

Gayle MacDonald, M.S., LMT is a famous author of Medicine Hands; Massage Therapy for People with Cancer. Her experience apperas from operating with oncology patients since 1994 at Oregon Health and Science University. She suggests coaching classes for Massage Practitioners, Bodyworkers and other professional Touch Therapists.