We possess so many awesome testimonials from our graduates that we have decided to utilize some of the most recent ones. This is on no account all of them, but an amazing random.

This coaching is appearing at a time when the majority of people are experiencing cancer and are not worried to speak about it and also have feelings of safety to also require for assistance. There is a demnad more now than ever. This is carrying out to supply with more maintenance for survivors.
K.K. – Santa Monica, CA

Very enlightening, taught lots of new terms and make feel comfortable to communicate with a cancer patient bearing a cancer treatment.
S.K. – Beverly Hills, CA

Getting this coaching and educating more about women and being diagnosed/treated/remission only increases women potency and force.
M.T. – Beverly Hills, CA

Mórag’s many years of background and knowledge is expressed in an free, amazing way. There didn’t resemble to be an interation she couldn’t give the response on. With a little trail I’ll be assured in supplementing health challenged people to my users.
L.W. – Scottsdale, AZ

This course is significant for anyone engaged in operating with cancer patients and survivors. I would not concern a patient without this coaching.
K.T. Grapevine – TX

This was an enlightening, occupational coaching course. I broadly satisfied daily and is qualified to start my trip in assisting cancer patients.
A.M. – Fayetteville, GA

Mórag Currin’s Method of Oncology Esthetics® is wonderful– very enlightening and thought-provoking. It’s duty if you decide to operate with oncology patient’s in your skin care practice.
M.G. – Steamboat Springs, CO

Greatly enlightening and obligatory for coaching for all present and future esthetic specialists. Wonderful caoching!
A.B. – Longwood, FL

To possess someone with Mórag’s background to educate is wonderful and Carla, our Oncology nurse created realization the disease so much simplier. This is a duty have class for anyone in our manufacturing.
S.R. – Indianapolis, IN

This course was not only enlightening, but spirit-stirring as well. I feel very associated to my classmates in that we exchanged something very specific. Independently of where my future finds me, this background will follow me always.
G.W. – Hammond, IN

I really satisfied conducting this class. Mórag has a wide knowledge about the notion of oncology and its supplement within the esthetics manufacturing. Her view is both wonderful and adoring and I am delighted to be a constituent part of it!
L.S. – Bozeman, MT

A truly wonderful and enlightening coaching that makes fear disappear of a scary topic and makes you be ready to face the medical sphere with assurance.
C.C. – Pinetop, AZ

The coaching was conducted in a cosy manner where questions were responded and I would be fostered to state questions for asking for help. Having survivors come in at the end of the training to receive treatments boosted my confidence.
E.L. – Voorhees, NJ

After losing my father to melanoma, I was looking for an perspective to fill in the gaps between my career in aesthetics and cancer. This coaching is going to assist me to supply with assurance, safety services to my health challenged users.
B.R. – Louisville, KY

Mórag utilizes an Oncology nurse to educate the oncology part of the program and she underlines the significance of security and invigoration.
R.M. – Boise, ID

Very enlightening– I have a better realization of what we as cancer survivors fell and bear, because of how we feel physically and mentally.
S.C. – Malden, MA

I thankful for supplying me with highly qualified information to correctly care for cancer patients. I now understand that I can sacurely assist them to achieve relax, relieve strong side effects and enhance their quality of life.
M.B. – Lexington, MA

Wonderful, will improve the curing and health care of my customers. Thank you.
N.R. – Lexington, MA

This was amazing. The class had such influence on me. Emotionally rewarding on all levels. Thank you.
V.V. – Vineyard Haven, MA

I’m very impressive with the deep information we’ve been supplied with. I feel assured that I can now sacurely operate with cancer patients.
V.T. – Nashua, NH

This class pours all the gaps in the skin care industry. I am assured operating with customers undergoing with cancer.
S.P. – Brielle, NJ

An obligatory class if you desire to be capable to supply with cancer patients with secure and efficient treatments they so demand and merit!
A.A. – Northhampton, MA

Knowledge is very significant as an Aesthetician, especially operating with cancer patients. To realize the do’s and don’ts are constituents to assisting people to achieve full recovery.
G.C. – Lynn, MA

This was a wonderful observations for operating with cancer patients as an esthetician. I was delighted that Oncology massage was wonderful so well. I’m really going to applying all of these skills in my practice.
D.G. – Salem, MA

The COE program is well organized out and equipment of the esthetician to begin performing immense. Thank you to Mórag and Mirella, two amazing ladies with great background.
G.E. – Exeter, NH

This coaching is for those Estheticians who have a hunger to assist to treat and sooth those going through cancer therapies.
D.V. – Hudson, NH

Morag Currin’s Method of Oncology Esthetics® was a life altering background. I now have the knowledge to cure cancer patients.
S.V. – Webster, MA

I really did not realize how under quality I was to this labour without this coaching. J.H. – South Portland, ME I satisfied the Oncology esthetics® course very much. You are a very flexible instructor.
F.C. – Maynard, MA

This class was everything I waited it would be. Wonderful instructors, valid information, huge hands on coaching.
J.S. – Greendale, WI

This coaching has been a life shifting background for me to study more about cancer patients and above boards a new way for my career as an esthetician and a nurse.
J.R. – Wauwatosa, WI

As a healthcare specialist, I am very striken with the knowledge and obligation to protect care of Oncology Aesthetics® that Morag and her crew promotion. The extension of this program and confluence of these treatments in medicine is significant for patient’s abundance.
H.M. – Bonita Springs, FL

I feel like this coaching presented me a solid basis to start operating in Oncology Esthetics®. I truly believe that I’m constituent of something that will alter the lives of many women.
B.N. – Rochester, WA

The information I got in this coaching absolutely hit it out of the park. Morag has arounded herself with a host of angels. Her energy and sweet spirit overwhelmed me. What a gift to our industry!
K.P. – Charlotte, NC

As an esthetician who has been curing customers for a very prolonging time, I have a belief that I have been granted background that will follow me through to supply cancer patients with a worth service and that I will receive from having such powerful people in my presence.
R.M. – Charlotte, NC

Became more well-informed, made me more specialistic, made me more condolent so I feel my general character is more powerful.
M.H. – Houston, TX

A 3-day class full of energy poured all the information I understand I demanded in relation to securely visit to my cancer customers.
K.D. – Eagle, CO

I was searching for a way to esteem my loved ones and be capable to enter the hearts of others that will go with the same way. This class has made me be ready to realize this dream.
D.S. – Scottsdale, AZ

This was a wonderful coure. I am walking away with so much more knowledge than I thought possible in a three day program.
K.L. – Oakdale, NY

This course has supplied me with the assurance I demand to realize my dream to operate with people bearing and living with cancer. This trial has been very knowledgable and inspirational.
K.O. – Greenwood, IN

Before visiting to the COE coaching I had very little background about Oncology Esthetics®. Now that I have a complete realization of what OE is, I feel encouraged to have taken this class. I am very delighted about the lives that I can assist to alter.
M.R. – Miami, FL

The best, most compassionate, modern coaching EVER for this group of patients.
T.M.R. – Atlanta, GA

I just desired to thank you for such a great coaching course! I really satisfied it and it was over my expectations. This group of women was very specific to me and I look forward to cooperate with them further more.
J.R. – Wauwatosa, WI

This has been the most overwhelming coaching that I have visited (and I have done a lot). The educational side makes me feel full of power and strength, nevertheless, the emotional factors are very depreciative and really touch my heart. Thank you, Mórag for your view point.
D.J.M. – Elmhurst, IL

This was an amazing trail and an unforgettable opportunity to touch the lives of those whose trip to survival was not a simple one.
S.S. – San Anselmo, CA

Mórag’s Clinical Oncology Esthetics® (COE) course is a wonderful, in-depth coaching on operating with cancer patients covering everything from experience on the disease to marketing ourselves and this modality to special good and ingredient background. It made me well informed. The course was finished nicely with lecture, video, speakers and practical supplement. I would highly advise this course to any esthetician desiring to braodn their knowledge in this sphere.
J.J. – Kennesaw, GA

This coaching has totally opened my eyes in assisting me to prefer the deep and obligation of Oncology Esthetics® for cancer patients and their prolonging demand for touch and to come back to normalcy.
C.D. – Los Angeles, CA

The Oncology Esthetics® coaching presents me the capability to operate with many peers who have been injured by this life altering disease and by assisting people be normal while bearing trust, process and recovery.
N.P. – Milwaukee, WI

I am very delighted to have trails the Oncology Esthetics® coaching. The background and practice I received will be a great profit to my practice. The commiseration and expertise that Mórag Currin and [Oncology RN] have is quite obvious.
E.C. – Riverside, CA

What a present Mórag Currin and [Oncology RN] have designed for both estheticians and cancer survivors. Their background is going to direct my career into a whole new location.
W.S. – Studio City, CA

Mórag Currin and [Oncology RN] operated as a team – one bringing focus on the esthetic side and the other focus on the medical side). As an esthetician, I can now present a secure, caring an efficient oncology facial.
L.M. – Luxemburg, WI

What a bestowing and very enlightening coaching. I am looking forward to cooperate with my new amount of knowledge and skills towards such a deserving customers.
C.L. – Alexandria, VA

This coaching was so amazing and has transformed me into more skilled and more assured specialist. It has supplied me with the assurance to work further and operate with oncology customers. Thank you – you are awesome.
M.C.O. – Sussex, WI

Having the capability to be introduced and with cancer survivors was an inspiration. Thank you all. N.H. – Rochester Hills, MI

Mórag Currin and [Oncology RN] have presented me the background and assurance to assist all people bearing with cancer. It is significant so that I never have to say someone I cannot operate with them.
K.S. – Hoboken, NJ

As an esthetician for ten (10) years, I always guess there’s not much I can still get to know. This Oncology Esthetics® coaching has evidenced to me that we demand to go on to be taught. The world is altering and developing daily, cancers are destributing. There’s so much we can operate, and now, I am about to. Thanks Mórag – your learning has forever altered my life. Now I feel assured granting my gift away and destributing the touch of love.
S.G. – Cedar Grove, NJ

There is an exact demand in the industry to cure cancer patients in a caring and occupational way without risk of damage or confusion.
J.K. – Westland, MI

I am very lucky and chartered to be capable to be a constituent of this Oncology Esthetics® coaching. The course content is broad but Mórag and [Oncology RN] created the atmosphere so bright.
T.K. – Highlands Ranch, CO

I am very delighted to say everybody surrounding me, how great my experience was. You are wonderful people. Gracias.
A.U. – Petaluma, CA

Mórag Currin is performing a great point by exchanging her background and knowledge to assist other touch other’s lives.
J.L. – Beverly Hills, CA

Mórag Currin has a vision that is so heavenlike. This coaching gave a gtreat impression on me, from the information exchanged to the survivors that I was met to and had the capabality to operate with, “remarkable people”, this is a view that I would admire to be a constituent of. Five thumbs up to you Mórag, you are an genuine inspiration.
M.A. – Dorchester, MA

Touch For Cancer suggests the entire package for licensed estheticians who desire to propose secure, therapeutic and relaxing skin cure to those haing suffered from cancer and those who take care of them. Mórag, [Oncology RN] and the rest of the crew are clever, caring, enlighting and fun! Their program covers everything from theoretical knowledge to empirical to goods. I feel I can securely cure someone with cancer. It was the most inspiring 3 days!!
B.G. – Guildford, CT

A strong course for those engaged in beginers on a trip in Oncology Esthetics®. I am assured to suggest this much demanded service to customers at my spa. Thank you for what you perform. I have a belief that my career and life will alter because of your inspiration.
A.W. – West Newton, MA

Touch For Cancer has highly oriented specialists to educate the class who are both earnest and have years of scientific background.
L.C. – Stamford, CT

I have decided that Oncology Esthetics® is effective for years but no specific coaching was accessible. I schedule to compose a press release when I come back to home and to perform at the different cancer centers and oncologists. Many already have our information. I am hopeful to become just as busy with Oncology Esthetics® as constant esthetics. I had an aim in my life to perform something more with my career and now I am capable to realize it.
J.B. – Green Bay, WI

I amired, satisfied and preferred the survivors that I met during this new trip. It touched me more personally and experience more that I thought it was going to be. Thank you for your passion!
H.V.V. – Clintonville, WI

This Oncology Esthetics® coaching individually impressed me and I get to know I demand to give back to others that have a full of meaning influence. Mórag, you are a great and particular person to deliver bright colours where none existed before.
L.M-D. – Verona, NJ

This Oncology Esthetics® coaching is the best promoted coaching I have visited. It is much more than i was looking for.
M.E.R. – Cincinnati, OH

This Oncology Esthetics® coaching should be a condition collective indispensable prerequisite and probably be constituent of the primary aesthetics licensure.
I.C. – Rural Hall, NC

This is absolutely a very effectual further details to continue. Bring the focus into the providing with love into others, which is what everyone demands to operate in one way or another.
J.E.K. – Waitsfield, VT