Allured Business Media.
Allured has been a international information leader in the cosmetic, spa and salon, and perfume and flavor industries for almost more than 80 years. Allured goes on to state information framework in the industries it clerks.

Britta Aragon.
Founder – Cinco Vidas Blog – United States
The Cinco Vidas Blog was grounded by cancer survivor and creator of CINCO VIDAS INC, a lifestyle brand of goods and services that bringing focus on improving the way one lives with cancer, and finally outlives with it.

Cancer and Careers – USA.
Cancer and Careers supplies a innovative website and open posts in English and Spanish as well as a raws of maintenance groups and educational workouts for workers with cancer, their employers, coworkers and caregivers.

Eleanor Oyston.
National Program Director – Oncology Massage Training, Australia.
Eleanor worked out and educates her own class, Massage, Cancer and More -“Dispelling the Myths” and posts her views and background constantly in specialistic magazines. She is also actively traped pass in working out a realization of tactile therapies for people with systemic health problems and is on the committee for estimating supplementary therapies of the NSW Cancer Institute. Working out massage in hospitals and therapist coaching in this sphere is her cup of tea.

Florence Barrett-Hill.
Florence Barrett-Hill is a global admitted dermal science educator, practitioner, investigator, and author with a huge background including all aspects of occupational aesthetic therapy and paramedical skin care.
Her two books ‘Advanced Skin Analysis’ and ‘Cosmetic Chemistry’ can be searched on.

Gayle MacDonald.
Oncology Massage Therapy Training
Gayle is a famous author of Medicine Hands; Massage Therapy for People with Cancer. Her experience appears from operating with oncology patients since 1994 at Oregon Health and Science University. She suggests coaching classes for Massage Practitioners, Bodyworkers and other professional Touch Therapists.

Titillating Turbans®.  Titallating Turbans are designed for cancer patients with soft loving care, to assist them to glance as sweet as we guess they are. They will become dainty during any level of your hair loss and growth resumption. Even after breast cancer surgery, when it is undertaking to raise their arms, they are fast and simple to wear. If the patient/customer has a portacath beneath their collarbone, they will be delighted to know that the “tails” of the band are long enough to include it, so they can put on their scoop neck tops and be still cool!

Clinical Oncology Massage Therapy Training – Beaumont Hospitals
Karen Armstrong, NCTM, is greatly looked through in the Midwest as the Supervisor of Clinical Massage and the program headman of the Oncology/Hospital Massage School at Beaumont Hospitals. Karen controls more than 30 clinical massage therapists, the greatest amount of hospital-grounded therapists in North America, and she has started several clinical massage investigation protocols.  Her therapists cure patients in many outpatient areas, as well as, in the hospital.  In 2010, these therapists cured over 6,500 outpatients. Karen is an active delegate of the ABMP and Society for Oncology Massage.  Additionally to this, Karen has broad experience in neuromuscular massage and background of many supplementary medicine modalites.  Karen is at the present moment Chairperson of the Michigan Board of Massage Therapy.

Tracy Walton – Oncology Massage Therapy Training

Toni Muirhead – Oncology Massage Therapy Training