Problems with Sleep Treated

sleep disorderThe most widespread sleep disorder doubtless familiar to many people is sleeplessness. In general it is heavy for some people to fall asleep, and there are people who fall asleep easily, but wake up at night and can’t fall asleep again. Though high-speed tranquillizers or antidepressants may help to overcome this disorder, any of these means won’t allow you to achieve really natural and weakening dream since they often simply interrupt the deepest periods of slow dream. But you may order such kind of preparations via Canadian Health&Care Mall.

Except constant drowsiness, sleeplessness can cause many other negative consequences. The most often meeting from them are the various sleep disorders (which are expressed most often in the broken dream mode) or its concrete phases.

Postnasal apnoa syndrome is manifested in the idea that during a deep sleep throat muscles ease until they don’t start blocking themselves respiratory way. It leads to the compelled breath termination, why the person immediately wakes up. Therefore deeper periods of slow dream simply don’t manage to come.

Also the lack of sleep can leads to increase of blood pressure and increases risk of heart attack. Constant drowsiness conducts to accidents, in particular to accidents on the road. Treatment of postnasal apnoa syndrome includes various attempts to prevent overlapping of respiratory way during sleeping. It will be fair to notice that if you lose excess weight, you will avoid alcohol and drugs, it with very high probability will improve your dream. And people suffering from apnoa syndrome need a certain device which would put pressure upon respiratory way due to which it would remain open. There is a special mask which is put on a nose and making quite strong air stream just for this purpose. In more difficult cases, surgical intervention namely correction of respiratory way sometimes is necessary.

The involuntary movements of extremities during sleep, in other words, it is periodic sudden breakthroughs by hands or feet, uncontrollable by the person. As a rule, they occur at entry into a phase of sleeping and can lead to awakening. To overcome such problems with sleep you may if you check out the website of Canadian Health&Care Mall.

Narcolepsy is a violation of mechanisms operation responsible for immersion during sleep. This illness is connected with insufficient quantity of nervous cells in the side part of a hypothalamus containing also the neurotransmitter – orexin. The person suffering from a narcolepsy can undergo at any time attacks as a result of which he falls asleep, is unexpected for all people around if those don’t know about his illness.

It disturbs very much in everyday life and in addition it is dangerous for example what occur if the attack of narcolepsy finds the person at wheel. People suffering from narolepsy enter a phase of rapid eye movement sleep and can have dream very quickly, having hardly fallen asleep, this phenomenon called “hypnagogic hallucinations”. Also there can be attacks during which the person completely loses a muscular tone, it is a state similar to full inaction of all muscles during rapid eye movement sleep. This pathology carries the name “cataplexy” and the next attack, as a rule, results from emotional experiences, often happens even the ridiculous joke heard by the person enough.

Recent researches of narcolepsy slightly opened the scientist a secrecy over the processes controlling transition of the person from a condition of wakefulness to dream and transition between dream phases a little.

It is very interesting to know what may prevent us from having a good sleep time. But it is also very important not to be panic when you read such articles because it may help you to get rid of such problems.